QS Pre Contract Services To Be Provided By The Consultant.

  • Data Collection, Preparatory Work and Final Design Brief.
  • Concept Design Environment.
  • Preliminary Design.
    –   Cost Control and Preliminary Cost Estimate.
    –   Value Engineering.
    –   Preliminary Tender Documents.
  • Final Design, Pre-Qualification Of Tenderer and Tender Documents.
    –   Pre – Qualification Of Tenderer.
    –   Final Bills of Quantities and/or Schedule of Work.
    –   Tender and Contract Conditions.
    –   Tender Cost Estimate which shall at least inclusive of main building work, mechanical and electrical system and interior design work.
  • Tender Clarifications and Tender Report.
    –   Tender Clarifications.
    –   Addendum.
    –   Tender Evaluation.
    –   Tender Interview.
    –   Award Of Construction Contract.

Financial Advisor (Property)

  • Provide land to build a project.
  • Study the feasibility of the project.
  • Financing. (Project finance)
  • Financial, accounting and taxation systems.

“ With experience Of real estate market executives for more than 20 years.”

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